Over 170 Medical Conditions

By increasing the number of conditions defined in the policy, you are more likely to receive compensation when your child becomes ill.

Multiple Claims

The claims are paid based on the severity basis of the condition, so in the case of the progression or defining another unrelated condition, you may receive another payout if you have not used the first Plan Account claim.

Highest Child Protection

The value of your child's protection level can reach up to £ 125,000. This is the highest insurance amount currently available on the UK market.

The only Child Cover that is not dependent on the parent's health and cover.

The real icing on the cake is that with this policy an adult does not have to have the same option to insure their child. It may happen that the parent can not buy the Serious Illness Cover policy for health reasons or it will simply be too expensive. VitalityLife has prepared a plan for such a circumstance and proposes to secure the child with the Children Serious Illness Cover policy.


Ask the Expert

If you have any doubts related to providing your child with the right protection or information on this page are not enough for you, ask our expert. We will answer all the questions that bother you and dispel all doubts.