Section 8 – Declaration

I understand, that it may be a criminal offense to provide false or misleading information to the Financial Conduct Authority or Prolife Financial Services. Therefore, I affirm, that all questions in this application form have been answered fully and accurately. I understand that any information contained in the application or otherwise supplied by me/us may be shared with Prolife Financial Services for the purposes of processing this application and the Appointed Representative (if applicable) I am joining. I confirm that:

  • The information given in this application is accurate and complete, and all relevant details have been disclosed
  • I understand that the information disclosed may be used as the basis for deciding if I will be offered a contract with Prolife Financial Services
  • I give my permission for Prolife Financial Services to undertake a credit search with a licensed credit reference agency and acknowledge that the credit reference agency will keep a record of this search and may share this with other businesses.
  • I give my permission for Prolife Financial Services to take up any references that it considers appropriate in order to consider this application and I authorize that source to release the information requested. This may include contacting any Lender, Bank, Building Society, Accountant, Solicitor, past and present Employers, Unemployment Benefit Office or any other relevant party.
  • I understand that if there is any material change to my circumstances after the date of this application, I will promptly inform Prolife Financial Services
  • I understand I will be invited to attend training courses at a place advised by Prolife Financial Services, and that this invitation does not imply a commitment from Prolife Financial Services, to offer a contract upon completion of the training; nor does it imply a commitment on your part to proceed with your application. However, successful completion of the training courses is a precondition of the offer of a contract.
  • I confirm I will enter into an agreed repayment schedule, or full and final settlement, with any Financial Services debt.
  • I understand I am not authorized to represent Prolife Financial Services in any way until written confirmation has been provided by Prolife Financial Services.
  • If authorization is given by Prolife Financial Services, I will, at all times, comply with the FCA rules, and Prolife Financial Services policies and procedures.
  • I understand and give my permission to Prolife Financial Services to conduct an identity check from the information I have provided on my application form.
  • I understand and give my permission to Prolife Financial Services to conduct several checks including Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), ID Check, Directorship Check, FCA Search and I may be charged for several checks.

I give my permission to ProLife Financial Services to obtain reference request on my behalf from my previous Employers or Companies I was co-operating with.


Data Protection

By submitting a completed Application Form, you consent to the processing of all data contained in said Application Form, as well as all data contained in your passport, other identifying documentation, or driver’s license (hereinafter referred to as Personal Data), so that ProLife Financial Services Ltd. may transfer your personal data or delegate the processing thereof under any contract or agreement with third parties.

The information you provide on this form including any sensitive personal details for example criminal convictions, will be used by Prolife Financial Services to assess your suitability for the contract you have applied for. This may include undertaking credit checks and seeking references for the purpose of verification, identification and in accordance with Prolife Financial Services regulatory requirements to ensure that you are fit and proper to perform the activities permitted under the contract. We may share your relevant personal information with other companies that Prolife Financial Services are or become associated with and agents acting on behalf of Prolife Financial Services to comply with our regulatory obligations and for ongoing administration, management information and marketing purposes.

Personal Data is provided to ProLife Financial Services Ltd., located at 3 Chester Bridge, Crewe, CW2 7EF and it’s principal Financial Expert Partnership Ltd located at 3 Chester Bridge, Crewe, CW2 7EF (hereinafter the Company), as well as to any entity delegated by the Company to process Personal Data, data confirmation etc.

The company may process Personal Data for the following purposes: Processing Adviser position application; creating an internal account for adviser; verification payment and vindication purposes and other needs company saw as needed for compliance purposes.